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Safari Top

$105.00 CAD $52.50 CAD

Alex Top

$70.00 CAD $35.00 CAD

Flamingo Ruffle Top

$55.00 CAD $41.00 CAD

Daphne Top

$78.00 CAD $39.00 CAD

Gabriella One Piece

$140.00 CAD $112.00 CAD

Sophia Top

$55.00 CAD $41.00 CAD

Simba Top

$74.00 CAD $37.00 CAD

Sophia Bottom

$50.00 CAD $37.50 CAD

Orchid Top - Gold

$65.00 CAD $48.00 CAD

Guarana One Piece - Cherry Red

$119.00 CAD $98.00 CAD

Orchid Top - White

$65.00 CAD $48.00 CAD

Carnaúba Top - Yellow

$65.00 CAD $48.00 CAD

Açaí Top - White

$59.00 CAD $44.00 CAD

Orchid Bottom - Gold

$59.00 CAD $44.00 CAD

Açaí Top - Yellow

$59.00 CAD $44.00 CAD

Aretha Top

$83.00 CAD $41.50 CAD

Santorini Top

$83.00 CAD $41.50 CAD

Pineapple Ruffle Top

$55.00 CAD $41.00 CAD

Santorini Bottom

$76.00 CAD $38.00 CAD

Kaya Top

$55.00 CAD $27.00 CAD

Geometric One Piece

$139.00 CAD $69.50 CAD

Zaila Top

$77.00 CAD $38.50 CAD

Tulum Top

$79.00 CAD $39.00 CAD

Aretha Bottom

$76.00 CAD $38.00 CAD

Zaila Bottom

$68.00 CAD $34.00 CAD

Tulum Bottom

$70.00 CAD $35.00 CAD

our story

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Passion Fruit Beachwear is an ethically conscious, environmentally friendly Canadian beachwear company. We are a female owned and operated company that thinks environmental and social issues are priorities in business. Our goal is to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet. In order to achieve this goal, our swimsuits are produced using recycled industrial wastewater in the dying and printing process and our fabric is produced using the world’s first biodegradable lycra. This revolutionary technology, allows garments to decompose in approximately 3 years, once they are discarded and left in landfills. Our beachwear is designed in Toronto and handmade in Brazil. All of our swimsuits are made by local workers in Brazil and we ensure that they receive fair pay and work under favourable conditions. We are passionate about our beachwear and the environment.

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