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Passion Fruit Beachwear is an ethically conscious, environmentally friendly beachwear company. We are a female owned and operated company that thinks environmental and social issues are priorities in business. 

Our beachwear is handmade in Brazil and our collections reflect the sizzle of Brazilian beaches; it is full of vibrant colours and charisma. Our swimwear is made to enhance your body's natural beauty.  

Our goal is to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet. In order to achieve this goal, our fabric is produced using the world’s first biodegradable thread and our swimsuits are produced using recycled industrial wastewater in the dying and printing process. This revolutionary technology, allows garments to decompose in approximately 3 years, once they are discarded and left in landfills. The biodegradation becomes apparent only and exclusively under landfill conditions, where there is no oxygen and bacteria specifically in charge of anaerobic decomposition are found. Therefore, it does not decompose after standard use and your swimwear lifecycle is the same as the ones made of traditional polyamide. Our fabrics have also proudly achieved Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certification, guaranteeing them to be free of chemicals that are harmful to the human skin.

Passion Fruit Beachwear is the result of the founders' passion for the ocean and nature and the original work of many Brazilian artisans.